photo by: Deependra Bajracharya



“Duguna Yarmasing SHERPA Village”.

Dawa Sherpa was born in this Himalayas region of Nepal. It’s close to the Tibetan border, North North East of Kathmandu.

The village is situated about 2000m high in the Himalayas, along the Tatopani valley in the Sindhupalshowk district, where the mountains rise upright to the sky. People make a living in tourism industry by organizing trekkings and hosting tourists in their hotels. Other villagers are farmer.

Life in Himalayas is very hard, Dawa once wrote me. As if he wanted to say: don’t romanticize. But I already did, by seeing those beautiful panoramas he was sending me.

Of course I realized a little bit what it implies to live in a Himalaya village.

There is no electricity, no running water in the houses, the women cook on wood while having a squat attitude, the houses are heated by burning wood, all the supplies they needed has been carried up to that mountain. In a basket or backpack or whatever on some ones back.

Everything has to be carried up, clothes, food, building materials, wood to burn, seeds to plant on the fields, etc. etc.

That high in mountains the nights could be very cold, the sun is burning as hell, the heavy rainfall in Monsoon season can be devastating by creating wild mountain rivers and landslides. Not to mention the danger of an earthquake……..


“Bhumachaur SHERPA village” neighborhood village of Duguna Yarmasing.




Traditional SHERPA house in Himalayas, Yarmasing Village.




House in Himalayas, Duguna Yarmasing SHERPA village.

– photo’s: Dawa Sherpa –